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Anixia - Founder + Boss Mermaid

Anixia is of Cuban decent and was born and raised in Miami, FL USA. She began dancing at 2 years old and modeling by age 7. Despite her very young age, life in the spotlight exposed her to the importance of diligent self-care and personal beauty. Not only were these learnings part of her environment, she was also discovering them to be a passion. While other children were writing their middle school reports on animals and spaceships, she was adamantly reporting on beauty, skincare and makeup. 

At about 19 years old, Anixia decided that being "just a pretty face" was no longer to her liking. She realized that she was meant for something more than just being known as a model. Combining her knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry, she launched her own entertainment company. This decision resulted in Anixia running high profile events that put her face to face with beautiful women from all around the world, as she internationally managed models and entertainers of all ages. 

One thing became painstakingly clear for Anixia, more and more young women were turning to invasive cosmetic treatments such as botox to alter their looks. This deeply bothered her, as she genuinely believes from her own personal experience and upbringing that there is no need for cosmetic alterations in such young women.

Anixia's grandmother taught her the importance of maintaining her natural beauty by taking care of her skin from a very early age. She recalls her grandmother's words of wisdom which were that starting good skin care practices early would prevent her from wanting or needing surgical remedies in the future. Now in her mid 80s, her grandmother still has no wrinkles and has never had any cosmetic surgical procedures! Needless to say, Anixia continues to follow her advice and in her footsteps.

In her mid-late 20s, Anixia decided she wanted to do something even more personally rewarding than her original business venture. After years of being asked by women what her secret is to looking so naturally young, she realized she needed to pair her love for all things beauty with sharing her grandmother's philosophy. This revelation became the passion behind her vision of teaching new generations that early, preventative care is the true secret to persevering one's youth. At the age of 30, Anixia pursued her ultimate goal and founded La Sirène.

La Sirène is French for "The Mermaid”. The name and symbolism behind La Sirène comes from Anixia's lifelong love for the ocean and fascination with mermaids. When she thinks of a mermaid she envisions a beautiful, enchanting siren with long lustrous hair and flawless, glowing skin. For Anixia, knowing the beauty benefits of Marine Collagen and that it is sourced from the ocean made the inspiration and concept development of La Sirene an undeniable choice. 

While it's only just the beginning for La Sirène, Anixia has confirmed that research and development of new beauty products is already under way. Driven by her vision of educating both women and men about early, preventative skincare, Anixia aspires to see her company become a household name in the beauty products industry. Ultimately, La Sirène is synonymous with Anixia's passion for her grandmother's philosophy, and of that will grow an internationally recognized brand with a truly beautiful purpose.