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La Sirene Marine Collagen Beauty Supplement, Collagen Benefits


Up until recently, our fast-paced society had been all about the magic pill or quick fix on all matters of beauty and health – no matter the cost or consequence. From anti-aging to skin-perfecting, the products and procedures seem to be endless. And with so many options and promises, how is one to know what is really safe and effective? Luckily, the world is also full of wonders and wisdom – and mega-super-star celebrities – to share their “best-kept beauty secrets.” 


Jennifer Aniston, People Magazine, World's Most Beautiful Woman 2016Named “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” for 2016 by People Magazine, actress and wellness advocate, Jennifer Aniston, 47, says she likes to begin her mornings with a delicious fruit smoothie. However, it’s not just for its tastiness or nutrients that she opts for a smoothie to start her day. Aniston, adds one very special ingredient to her breakfast beverage of choice, of which she says, “I’ve been seeing a difference! My nails are stronger and there’s a healthier… How do you explain it? A glow. It’s sort of that working from the inside-out thing."So what is this essential, effective, start-every-day-with-a-glow secret? It’s none other than Collagen Peptides. This “new” discovery is the very same one that women from the far east have hailed as their “fountain of youth” for centuries.






Marine Collagen is sustainably sourced from the scales or skin of saltwater fish. And unlike other things that we humans like to borrow from plants and other animals, Collagen is actually a naturally occurring part of our own bodies. It makes up about 75% of our body, and is considered one of our most abundant and important proteins – responsible for the health and regeneration of our skin, bones, muscles and ligaments. Unfortunately, as we get older, Collagen production in our body decreases at an increasing rate. After the age of 18, the average person begins to lose about 1% a year, and that statistic increases significantly for people with unhealthy or high-stress lifestyles. It’s precisely this loss of Collagen that causes the effects and appearance of aging. Recent clinical studies have found proof that Marine Collagen is favorable for variety of human health and aging concerns.

All proteins in the human body are composed of 20 different kinds of amino acid. And it just so happens that Marine Collagen is composed of those same 20 types of amino acid that are naturally found in our bodies. And because it has superior “bioavailability” to other types of Collagen, it’s absorbed quicker and easier into the bloodstream, yielding optimal results.

Best known for its antioxidant properties – the damage caused by environmental factors such as UV rays, harsh climate conditions, air and water pollution can actually be stopped, repaired or reversed by including it into your daily diet. This also means that Marine Collagen really has the power to slow the effects of aging. When Collagen breaks down in the body, it shows. Wrinkles, sagginess and spots appear. Our hair greys, thins and falls out. Our nails are slow to grow, and break easily. Fortunately for us, armed with Marine Collagen as an anti-aging weapon, we stand a fighting chance! As it stimulates the production of our own Collagen, elasticity, moisture and plumpness is restored. The skin becomes smoother and clearer. The appearance of wrinkles diminishes. And as an added and visible bonus – strength, growth, and resilience returns to the hair and nails as well.

And it’s not just its beautifying abilities that makes Marine Collagen an ideal addition to our diets. As a vital and abundant building block in our bodies – our eyesight, metabolism, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints also suffer the loss of Collagen as we age. Our eyesight worsens. Our metabolisms slow. Aches and pains begin to surface, and we become less agile and more prone to a host of degenerative diseases over time. By adding Marine Collagen into our daily routine, we can maintain our body’s functions at optimal levels – including preserving our vision and regulating our weight. From preventing osteoporosis, liver and cardiac problems – to potentially keeping diseases like cancer at bay - Marine Collagen may make a major difference in our health.

Most of us know that our discipline and methods of self-care are directly correlated to how they’ll make us look and feel. We only like to spend time and money on things that align with our beliefs and validate our efforts. For those of us living more “conscious” lifestyles, we’re used to some “old secrets of the East” gaining popularity in the Western world as the hottest new thing. It’s nice to know that Marine Collagen is truly the real deal, and not just a passing trend.



Written by: Maura M.