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La Sirène on FOX LA ⎪ Jillian Wright shares great beauty trends, tools and products for 2018!

La Sirène Marine Collagen on FOX LA ⎪ Jillian Wright shares great beauty trends, tools and products for 2018!

POSTED: MAR 08 2018 11:16AM PST


- Jillian Wright co-created the Indie Beauty Expo, and joined us on Good Day LA with some great beauty trends, tools and products for 2018!

La Sirene Collagen Supplements: This marine collagen derived from sustainable Tilapia scales stimulates the body’s own natural collagen and elastin production, resulting in an abundance of anti-aging benefits. Mix the orange or blueberry flavored collagen in plain water for a refreshing beverage, or the non-flavored version in your coffee, tea, smoothie, etc. 
Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Lipsticks: These products are so clean, you can eat them! Packed with nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil and cocoa butter, these sheer to medium coverage lipsticks are subtly flavored and contain no synthetic dyes, preservatives, fragrances or petroleum.
Circcell Insight Collagen Eye Treatments:These eye pads are formulated with live, freeze dried collagen, and the highest concentration of stable collagen on the market.  Fibers and peptides mimic skin’s own collagen to offer visible, restorative results. 
Swiss Smile Diamond Glow Toothpaste: This luxe whitening toothpaste contains one caret in fine, diamond particles.  Cleans teeth softly and evenly, without being abrasive.  
Eleni + Chris Bio-Cellulose Face Mask: This extraordinary sheet mask delivers Scandinavian ingredients that deliver firmer, plumped, more radiant-looking skin. The also have a shampoo and hair conditioner - but the mask will show best!
Mahalo Queen Emma’s Hawaiian Beauty Essence: Exclusive to Neiman Marcus, this bright pink elixir features nutrient-dense actives found in the Hawaiian tropics.  It features a synergy of compounds high in essential fatty acids, nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins ideal for stressed, dehydrated, prematurely aging skin. Skin is left with an Island glow.
Pistache Skincare Whipped Body Butter: Created by a 4th generation pistachio farmer in California, Pistache body butter is nicknamed “The Boyfriend Body Butter.” It’s rich and decadent, leaving skin feeling and smelling irresistible.
Le Prunier Beauty Oil:Another CA-based brand, this body oil is formulated with the powerful plum, sourced from the oldest plum farm in the country. Packed with anti-aging benefits and antioxidants, the oil quickly absorbs and feels weightless on the skin.  Helps to calm irritation without clogging pores. 

You can see all the products at this year's Indie Beauty Expo event at Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island in Newport Beach on Friday and Saturday.



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